Thursday, 13 May 2010

More Squares

I have been meaning to post these photo's of the squares that I have done from the new book '200 Crocheted blocks' I crocheted them weeks ago and haven't got around to doing anymore as we have been away for a few days visiting friends who live on the Isle of Wight also both Austin and I went down with a horrible cold/virus of some sort that he had first and then passed it on to me and guess who got the worst dose of it ?? yes did you guess it was me ! I feel better today but my ribs still hurt from the coughing and I feel drained both physically and mentally, I couldn't manage to even read a magazine leave alone crochet, I just couldn't be bothered with anything. Austin picked it up from the grandchildren, I only hope we haven't infected out friends. Anyway enough of the whingeing here are the photo's

These are made from the left over wool that I used for Florence's throw. I don't have any plans for them at the moment, I guess they are more of a practice at some of the blocks from the book. These were relatively easy, and some in the book look very hard, so I left those for the time being, and when I feel much better I will attempt to tackle the harder ones.