Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bag finished and Handle on - At Last !!!

Well at last this bag is finished, thank goodness for that as it's taken so long to get around to deciding what to do about the handles. I decided that a long handle would make a nice change, and  as as I rather like to wear my bags across my body so as to have my hands free I thought I would give this a go.

It actually worked out rather expensive as I had to knit it double and bought 2 balls of wool which cost almost £6 each ball. That left me enough to make a double inside pocket for my mobile phone and keys and the little tags for the button fastening.  So all in all an expensive bag, but at least it's unique and a one off and I do like to be different !!

The handles ( I knitted two) didn't shrink as much as I anticipated so I was left with two rather long handles that didn't look right, so I thought long and hard for a couple of days and come up with a pleasing solution.  I twisted both handles together and stitched them as one handle  from side to side of the bag.  This made it very strong and comfortable to carry, so I am pleased with the end result.  I intended to sell this one, but like it so much it is now part of my bag collection.

Here's the finished bag

 Back detail of a couple of needle felted flowers worked directly onto the bag

Double inside pocket for mobile phone and keys, with button down safety so the phone doesn't slip out when the bag is set down.

It's a good size and carries quite a big. I need to invest in some professional base to add strength to the bottom as I don't like the way it sags when it has items inside. other than that it's great.