Friday, 23 December 2011

A new Felted bag and good news on the Orla Kiely mugs

This is a bag I have been working on for many months. I lost interest in it and then suddenly got going and it's almost done. I just have to make the handles and an inside pocket.

This is before felting in the washing machine

Front view

I needle felted some small flowers onto the back, just to give it a different detail to the front.

I bought some felting wool in a colour that is quite close to the deep aqua to make the handles with. You can see a little chain of it I tried out next to the needle felted flower.   I should have it finished in the New Year.

Orla Kiely mugs update

I am delighted to report that my mugs have been replaced (see my allotment blog for full details)  and that apparently the company that make the mugs for Orla Kiely had a batch that weren't glazed properly, so I guess mine were from that batch.  That makes sense of the fact that the latest one bought from John Lewis recently hasn't stained at all, but the ones bought earlier in the year elsewhere had. The mug company were so generous as I got more than I already had replaced.  Fantastic customer service ! I am so pleased.


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Does anyone have a problem with Orla Kiely mugs?

This is a copy of the post from my Allotment blog as I know some readers only see this blog, so I wanted to put it here too, apologies to anyone that reads the other blog and sees this again.

I have just e-mailed Orla Kiely customer services as I can't be the only one who has a problem with their beautiful and very expensive mugs ! the problem is the quality of the bone china mugs they use. Let me explain ! they stain so badly and even the dishwasher doesn't move the stains. I have resorted to using a kitchen spray that has added bleach, which I know wont be doing any good whatsoever to the long term life of the mugs, but I'm desperate. I have even used a teapot rather than putting the teabag directly in the mugs, but that didn't work either.

I have other bone china mugs that cost half the price and they never stain, so this is very annoying especially as they cost £8.50 each. What an expensive mistake !! I realise that you pay for the design, but I expect quality as well for that money !! OK moan over, and I am waiting for their reply. In the meantime does anyone else have these mugs ?? and do you have the same problem.

I feel better now I've aired that !  If we don't complain about these things to companies they get away with rubbish goods ! and we mugs ( pun intended) pay the price !

M x