Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Time to get back into blogging !

Sometimes its easy to get so carried along on day to day stuff that the things we previously enjoyed get left behind.  I love what I'm doing now which is up cycling old furniture and transforming it into something beautiful.  It's fun looking for pieces and then deciding what colour and finish to do ! Or even leave it as it is if its lovely that way .

But the down side is that all my previous loves like writing my blogs, reading yours, just sitting and reading a book, or my kindle just don't happen anymore.

I need to have a think and plan my days so they contain some of these things ! I need to go to bed earlier as its getting later and later.  So I'm going to chill more and take time to smell the roses !!!

I'M BACK !!!!

In the meantime here are some photo's of some things I've upcycled recently and sold. I have set up a Facebook page and sold a few bits from there. I'm putting the link on here so you can viewmthe photos I'm not sure if it will work, so if not when you are on Facebook look up my page its called :-
Mo's furniture 'Upcycling the past'  try the link below first and please give it a like and pass it on
Thank you
M xx