Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Painting more pots.

I have been busy potting up plants to sell at a local boot sale. Myself and a friend have been sowing, growing and potting up since last year, and we have masses of plants. I grew and divided herbs of all sorts, Frances divided her day lilies last year and they are now huge and have buds. We have around 20 plus lilies and dozens of different varieties of tomatoes and all sorts of other plants, too many to mention. Trouble is the weather has been so bad ( as if you need me to tell you that !!!) so we haven't been able to do our plant sale. The tomatoes are getting too big and some have to be composted as they aren't looking too good.  As for the herbs ! well they have come on a treat with the extra time they have had growing and are looking lush.

We are not sure when we can do the sale as this Sunday being Father's day so this weeks out, so weather permitting we are hoping for the Sunday after. In the meantime we have sold some plant to neighbours and friends (bless them) and we are busy painting and stencilling clay pots. I haven't done this for years and I'm loving it. A friend has already bought a large and a small one, she actually came and asked if she could buy them, so they sold themselves.  Here are the pots I've painted so far.

I designed and cut all the stencils myself and a couple are just painted free-hand as best as I could.
I sponged the tops of the small pots so they were a bit different. They have had lots of interest from friends and neighbours, so hopefully they will sell well at the plant sale. I just need to get going on more pots now.

Let's hope the weather stays bright for the coming weeks as it was so lovely today.

M x