Saturday, 9 November 2013

Iv'e been a bit neglectful !!!

 I've been rather preoccupied lately as I have a space in my friends Vintage shop. its been exciting but busy.  I work one day a week in the shop in exchange for my space which measures 6 x 5 feet.  that's not very big I know! but I utilise every inch with my painted furniture, crafts and bric a brac and I'm loving it.

Here is a link to my Facebook page, so if you have a Facebook account please do visit my page and let me know what you think.  Please LIKE and share the link, thanks !

I hope you manage to access the link.  in the meantime here are a couple of photo's from my little space.

Everything here hand painted and all crafts made by me, bric a brac sourced from car boots, charity shops, gumtree etc.

See I've been very busy, lots more on the go as well.

I would love your feedback.

M xxxx

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Time to get back into blogging !

Sometimes its easy to get so carried along on day to day stuff that the things we previously enjoyed get left behind.  I love what I'm doing now which is up cycling old furniture and transforming it into something beautiful.  It's fun looking for pieces and then deciding what colour and finish to do ! Or even leave it as it is if its lovely that way .

But the down side is that all my previous loves like writing my blogs, reading yours, just sitting and reading a book, or my kindle just don't happen anymore.

I need to have a think and plan my days so they contain some of these things ! I need to go to bed earlier as its getting later and later.  So I'm going to chill more and take time to smell the roses !!!

I'M BACK !!!!

In the meantime here are some photo's of some things I've upcycled recently and sold. I have set up a Facebook page and sold a few bits from there. I'm putting the link on here so you can viewmthe photos I'm not sure if it will work, so if not when you are on Facebook look up my page its called :-
Mo's furniture 'Upcycling the past'  try the link below first and please give it a like and pass it on
Thank you
M xx


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A few more pieces I've painted

It's been a busy week ! Not just painting but in general. The weather has been cold, grey and enough to make me want to hibernate ! But we crafters are lucky in that we can always find something to do when the weather prevents us from venturing out.

I have done a few more pieces this week and they have turned out very nice. More tables again which I love doing.

I have just uploaded and installed this app which hopefully will work and allow me to add photo's from my iPad ! So here goes to see if it works .

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Shabby update

This is my first table I painted. It's sold now and went to a good home. Painted in Annie Sloan chalk paint 'Country Grey'  then waxed for protection,and colour washed in another chalk paint 'Red Letter'
the top is covered in Orla Kiely design paper and given three coats of dead matt varnish to protect the top, as this one didn't come with it's glass. I now never buy these tables unless they have the glass as it's so expensive to get some cut. The person who bought this loves it. It's so nice to know it's being loved.
This was the table when I bought it
More Tables, I love these but they have to be sold as I don't have the room for them.

And this is my favourite one. The cutest table in Paris Grey and has to be sold too. It's the smallest from a nest of three, I have to work on the other two yet.

A gorgeous little 1960's Austinsuite cupboard waiting to be worked on. This I am keeping for my study. It will be painted in bright colours to match my Roman blind I still have to make with some lovely Laura Ashley fabric called 'Wallace' which is based on a 1950's design ( very unlike L.Ashley's usual cabbage roses !) photo of fabric below.

I painted an antique Victorian table to match the fabric of the blind. I have had it for over 36 years and it's spent the last 20 odd years in my attic. So I have re-invented it as a desk in very bright colours. much cheaper than the one from John Lewis I was saving for. I love up- cycling !!!

Now for my best and latest projects ! two more standard lamps, painted in Laura Ashley 'Creamware' and i managed to buy two secondhand lampshades which believe me are so hard to get at a reasonable price. I have designed and handmade my own fabric flowers and added old lace on one of them. I call this style BoHo chic and I love these two. (sadly I can't keep them as no room, so they are up for sale) they remind me of two old ladies with crazy hats on!

I hope you enjoy looking at my Shabby work ! there is much more to come, and I'm off to Dorset tomorrow to pick up more standard lamps ! it's so addictive. it's a good thing I have a patient husband as I've taken over every space available in the garage and I can't use the study at the moment as it's storing things already done.

m xx

Monday, 28 January 2013

A long awaited update to this blog. I have been busy honest !

Here goes let's see if Blogger is letting me upload on here today !!!!

WELL !! I am impressed as this blog is better than my allotment one for uploading ! how come ? shouldn't be any difference really, but I'm delighted to be able to get back on here and show you just what I have been up to since last year.
SHABBY CHIC -ing ! it all started with being fed up with my old chunky and lovely pine bed. I didn't want to get rid of it ! but it needed to be uplifted, so I bought some paint and painted it in Farrow & Ball 'Wimbourne White' and I loved it so much that i have snowballed from there and have been painting none stop  since.

I obviously can't keep everything as I don't have the space, so I have been selling here and there.  I love getting hold of old furniture and lampstands and upcyling and giving them new life. So satisfying. LOVE IT !

To give you some examples here below is a before of a bargain find £3 ! old bowed fronted Lloyd Loom bedside cupboard.  It was covered in layers of an assortment of paint (not good quality either) so what was I going to do with this ??? I almost gave it to a charity shop. Then decided to do my best and make it into a special girly cupboard for my 3 year old grand-daughter Florence.


 And this was the result ! complete with a fairy stencilled inside and Florence loves it.


 Then I got carried away and bought loads more things from eBay, gumtree, and charity shops. Here are a some of my finished pieces.

My £8 bargain little gate leg table. I couldn.t sell this so it's in my Summer house. Perfect for luches in the Summer.

These Vintage magazine racks are a pain to do as they have to be taken apart ! tricky to do, but I love them when they are finished. £20 each and for sale.

My first lampstand which I was so reluctant to sell, but it went to a good home in London.
This table got sold very quickly ! I only have about another eight to do ! really I kid you not !
My £12 bargain from gumtree, and looking good painted in my hall.
My wheelbacks first two done, all done now and fab.
This is where it all started from
with  this bed !
An antique cupboard my son wanted rid of now painted and beautiful.

 And finally this is  my amazing bargain which is definitely NOT getting painted. I know my place ! retro vintage 19050' s sideboard, which is in pride of place in my living room. I love it just as it is ! well almost ! I just have to finish sanding years of old wax and dirt off it and then a nice wax to protect it for years to come. My £40 best buy ever !

I have done so much more, just finished two beautiful Lamp stands and made my own flowers for the shades.

So as you can see i am well and truly hooked on painting, upcycling, BoHo and Shabby Chic-ing.
I have a very understanding and patient husband thank goodness, as i have taken over everywhere .

I have also acquired the nickname of Steptoe !!!

Steptoe xxxxx