Monday, 22 February 2010

Update on my Crochet throw

This is the throw that I am making for my little grand-daughter Florence, she is only just a year old, but I'm hoping this will be something that she will have for years to come. I have a lot more work to do yet as it's only a quarter of the size I want it to be, it's about the size of a very large cushion at the moment.

I didn't want to sew it together in the usual way, so I double crocheted all the squares together. It took ages but was more interesting than just plain sewing. I was taking a bit of a risk as although I had the idea in my head I hadn't a clue if it would work. I am delighted with the result and it gives it a bit of a solid feel, rather than a stretchy one, although it still does have a lot of give.

I crocheted the flower and sewed it on as an afterthought, and I am so pleased with that as well, SO, so far it's working out as I imagined it, I don't have a pattern, so making it up as I go along. I did have a pattern for the flower though, but made a mistake with it as it should have had five petals, and I managed to only do four !!! oh well it looks OK. I will probably add just a couple more flowers of different types, but no more than that or else it takes away the novelty.

Why is it that the word Crocheted doesn't look right ?? I know it is but is looks like a silly word !!

Tomorrow I will post some photo's of the new fabric hearts I have made.


  1. It's beautiful, Maureen. I'm sure it will be something that Florence will treasure for years to come. You're so clever.

  2. Ahh thanks JO for those kind words.

  3. This is beautiful I can't wait to see the finished results and the flower adds a lovely touch.

    No one would believe that you only just learn't to crochet, well done.

  4. It's ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I love it! I love the colours, the different textures in the squares, the flower, the way you have joined it - everything!
    It's going to be something to treasure and it will become a family heirloom!
    Love it, love it, love it.

  5. Hi Kella & ALi, thank you so much for the lovely comments. I am loving crocheting, it's so rewarding seeing all the squares pile up.
    I saw a book in WH Smiths full of crochet & knitted flowers it's fabulous, I am going to treat myself to it, but I'll buy it from Amazon.

  6. looks really lovely and very girlie, it'll look even more beautiful as it grows....thanks for sharing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Lucy, thanks for the comment, and for coming by to have a look. You are the crochet 'Queen' and I love your crochet work.