Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I've been to 'Liberty's'

I was in London at the week-end and went to visit the ' Liberty' store, needless to say I went up to the haberdashery and fabric department. It was awesome and I had to be dragged out screaming I WANT EVERYTHING !! but my purchases were very modest as are my finances. So I had to make do with buying some 'Rowan' pure wool DK in three very yummy colours. I haven't a clue what I am going to crochet, but it could be a cushion cover. I just had to have those colours to start with.
I also bought some very beautiful buttons to add to my stash, they were very reasonably priced. The young assistant admired my goodies and said she also loved those colours. I will keep you posted as to what they will be used for when I actually get time to do any craft work. The garden and allotment and all the gadding about we have been doing lately seem to have put any crafts on hold. Ah well at least I'll have something to do in the cold winter months.

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