Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Finished bag

Well I managed to stick to my hour a day finishing one thing off at a time, and although I did go over the hour the bag is now finished. It's not perfect and I did say it will look a little 'homespun' but Florence is only 21 months so I'm sure she wont notice the faults !!!! such as  the little quilted Angel is a bit squiffy, and also I should have embroidered the F and the E in a brighter colour as it doesn't show up too well in the greeny- blue, anyway I am generally pleased with it.   NOW onto the next project tomorrow, the crochet squares.

Sorry there are so many photo's, but I couldn't decide which ones showed it off to it's best advantage.


  1. The bag is gorgeous Maureen. Florence will adore it too. I love the idea of giving yourself an hour each day to do crafty things - I think I may adopt that myself.
    P xx

  2. Thanks Pam, seeing as in my book you are the bag expert I am very pleased that you like it.

    I really am trying to allot myself that little bit of time each day to do something 'Crafty' that way I feel that I am not so overwhelmed with all the unfinished things and others I haven't even started.
    M xx