Sunday, 26 February 2012

Street Art

It's been a while since my last posting and I haven't any new craft projects to write about. I do have a soup recipe to share that I made up ' Roasted pumpkin and Lentil soup' but not in this post (sorry) I have taken photo's and will write it all down and post for next time. I have made it three times now and it's delicious.

However this post is about some amazing street art that I took photo's of in and around Brick Lane, London, we were in London this week-end staying with my son who lives in Crouch End, and he kindly took us to Brick Lane and Spitalfield Market which had a vintage fair on Saturday. We went a bit late so I didn't really have time to browse the amazing goods for sale, next time !!!!!

Anyway here is a collection of photo's which I thought were pretty special and brighten up the whole area. It's wonderful that the local council leave them all alone and don't view them as graffiti.
Seeing as this blog is (or should be) about crafts I thought I would show this photo first -

Amazing !! a whole buggy done in crochet, what a lucky baby and so unique.

This one is a genuine 'Banksy' and is behind glass to protect it. I had to put my camera through some locked gates and point and hope for the best. It actually came out OK. It was behind locked gates and up an alley that I couldn't get to without going all the way around to another street.

And here are the rest I took.

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