Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Summerhouse painted at last !!

Just a few photo's of my newly painted summerhouse. The outside was done last year, but as there has been leakage problems the inside has only been painted a week ago. The summerhouse is almost six years old (No rush there then !!!) I hope you like the finished Beach hut ! as near as I will ever get to owning one !

I used Cuprinol 'Shades' in Natural Stone and Country Cream and the result is very restful.

This Potting bench outside my beach hut shed was a birthday present and it's painted in Ocean Mist

This gorgeous Duck was also a present. She is a doorstop and has a sweet sentiment embroidered on her pocket which is the reason I'm sure my friend chose it as I'm always talking about my grandchildren.

And finally I have made strawberry jam, but it didn't set as well as it usually does. It's slightly moves around the jars when tilted, but kept in the fridge after opening it is delicious.

I'm sure you are all as fed up with this terrible summer of ours as I am. Let's hope August, Sept and October make up for it !!!

M xxx


  1. Ooooh it's so beautiful Maureen! I feel really envious and can just imagine one like that in my back garden....
    Unfortunately we're having to pay out a small fortune for a tree surgeon to come and sort out all the hedges and trees next week, so I may have to wait until next year. or the next even.
    I've decided that as we're having Autumn now, then we can expect a wonderful August through to October.
    Fingers crossed eh?!
    At least you can sit in your summerhouse and keep dry.

    P xx

  2. Thanks Pam! I hope you get one yourself in the near future. It's special to me as I bought it with some money my dear mum left me when she died. She always wanted to buy me one whenever we visited the garden centre, but I wouldn't let her. Now I wish I had as she would have loved having a cuppa in there with me. I have her photo in there and always think of her.

    I hope your weather prediction is right as it would be great to have a summer

  3. Oh my gosh, your summer house is absolutely stunning! I'd love one in my garden :)