Thursday, 29 April 2010

Health benefits of Rhubarb and it's juice

I thought that I had read somewhere recently (probably the daily paper) that rhubarb juice was beneficial to health. So when I harvested lots of the said stuff on Tuesday I decide to save all the juice as I had added too much water and it needed to be poured off. Anyway here are some very good links to places that tell us all about this wonderful juice. It taste lovely and you can even make a mix with oranges as well, check these out as it's worth a try. Also try googling ' Health benefits of Rhubarb juice' as lots of other sites and info came up.,1-0,rhubarb_juice,FF.html

And here is one from good old 'Waitrose' must be good if they have a recipe. If you try it and like it please let me know.

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