Thursday, 1 April 2010

At last ! Florence's throw is finished.

Finished at last and ready to wrap in lovely tissue to give to her for Easter. I love it, but I can't wait to get on and try something new. I showed it to my daughter this evening and she wants one for her double bed in similar colours. I will start it and do it inbetween other projects as she isn't in any hurry for it (thank goodness) but I was pleased that she liked it enough to want one. I just hope my daughter-in-law likes it too. I haven't told her that I was making it for Florence, so it will be a complete surprise.

I picoted along the edge, but it didn't suit the throw, it looked too dainty for the chunky squares. So I undid it and decided on a straight edge using some of the main colours and worked it in double crochet. I love this stitch it's so firm and has a nice thickness about it, so it was a perfect choice for along the edges.

Sorry about all the photo's but I couldn't decide which ones to post that would show all the details.


  1. It's absolutely beautiful, Maureen. I'm sure Florence and your daughter-in-law will be absolutely thrilled with it. It's so hard to believe that you're new to crocheting.

  2. Aahh thanks JO. I guess being a knitter for many years helps to pick up things wool related, although saying that when I tried in the past with crochet I just couldn't get it. I have the magazine that came out this year to thank for my success this time. I only ever bought 5 issues but it got me started on the basics, there is still loads to learn though and now I am HOOKED !

  3. Wow that is so lovely, I love the peaceful colours you have used.

  4. Golly it did turn out well. I'm sure your daughter in law loved it.

    by the way thought I would share this with you

  5. What a lovely blanket. You inspire me to pick up my crochet hook.