Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Looking for home accessories to compliment my cushions.

After making my cushions ( previous post)  I have been on the lookout for items that will add some more splashes of colour to my living room. I went through a very 'cream' phase a couple of years ago and the although I still like neutral colours on the walls and floors, I have definitely gone off the cream curtains! it all looks a little too bland. I am toying with the idea of having a contrast colour on the chimney breast wall as well.  It takes me ages to make a decision.

I find I swing between liking the Scandinavian look IE: everything white and neutral and the bright and zingy colours of the 'designers guild' what I really need is two homes and then I could have both looks !!!! Yes I know dream on ! although I do happen to know someone who has that luxury.

I love looking around in Habitat and John Lewis, they have some lovely things for the home, but I always visit our local branch of the 'Range' are you familiar with this store ? They have some very affordable and lovely Home Accessories. I also buy lot's of my craft supplies from there as well. So that's were I will be heading to see what they have in store and I'll also take a look at their online web as well.  I know they do some very nice candles, so I think some lime green and maybe some orange ones would look good.

If I find anything I will post a photo.

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