Monday, 23 April 2012

Still making cushions

I made another cushion from some lovely bright fabric remnants bought for £4. That's a bargain as it's a big cushion and I love the colour. I also bought two candles from my visit to the Range in orange and Lime green of course, so the room is beginning to look a bit more colourful.

My little 'Frister Rossmann' sewing machine is 38 years old and has never let me down yet ( Sssshhhh, fingers crossed, touch wood !!)  admittedly it's not used daily and sometimes not for long spells, but it was certainly money well spent. It has a hard carry case which is useful too.

If only I could afford to get my sofa's recovered that would make such a difference. I have thought of throws but they get messy after one sitting so I can't be bothered with that.  ah well ! we can't have everything I guess !

I don't know about you but I am so fed up with April showers now ! I don't mind the rain and goodness knows we needed it, but everything was coming on well in the greenhouse and garden, and then the rain and cold damp weather has slowed it all down and the soil is too wet to plant anything out.
Moan over !!
M x


  1. I am so pleased to have seen this post... I have the sister machine a cub 4 which I've had for a couple of years, I love her! But I've only just found out, thanks to your image, it's got a little pop up bit on the end!! It was the only thing I felt it was missing... and all along it was just hiding... I'm so happy!!
    Yes everything's a tad soggy here and I've seedlings everywhere but my ponds have never been so full!

  2. Ha ha that made me chuckle ! I'm so glad you have found your little pop up as it's very useful. Mine is the cub 3 my friend bought the cub 4 at the same time and since she moved away years ago I have no idea if hers lasted as well as mine has.