Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Country Living - here's what I bought ....

My best buy was these three fabulous, original, old wooden spools, complete with 5 metres of ribbon on each spool. My only regret was not buying a lot more. As you can see my purchases were not big or indeed expensive, but they all give me a lot of pleasure, so worth every penny in my book.

And I bought this sweet little wooden boat, for the summerhouse, but it didn't get outside the study yet as I love looking at it.

These little tin painted chickens came in a pack of x 12. Oh how I wish I had bought more.

And they make lovely additions to my cards. SO cute!

Then there is the lovely felt flower brooch, fabulous for clothing or hats. I just love it.

Looks good on either of these

Although I make my own cards and I use my photographs for them too, I still like to buy unusual ones, these were from Laura Long. She knits the lovely toys on the cards.


  1. What fab buys, I love love love your brooch!

  2. Scented Sweetpeas, thank it's lovely isn't it! and a bargain at £4 I thought. Shame that the woman who was selling them didn't hand craft them herself though, she had them made in some far flung country (can't remember where) I hope to go on a day course soon to learn to make some with the thick (kind of boiled) felt.

  3. I love the spools of ribbon and the chickens too. Great buys don't have to be big they just have to connect with your heart.

    I have been meaning to teach myself to felt for years maybe we could do a blogshare on it and plan to learn and blog about out journey at the same time, what do you think?

  4. Hi Kella, yes I would love to join you on a journey to learn how to felt, shame we don't live closer as there is a store in Winchester (20 mins drive from me) where I shop and they are doing day courses, which I MUST book for.
    M x

  5. So lets do a self taught one at home following youtube videos/ books, etc of our own choosing, what do you think :) It could be a blogging adventure ;)

  6. Fab buys, Maureen. I love that spool of red dotty ribbon, and that little boat doesn't have to go in your summerhouse, it could accompany your little beach hut in your study so that you can see it every day. I just love those chickens, I do exactly the same, buy something I like and then wish I had bought more when I get home.

  7. KELLA, I'm up for the self taught route, we need to find a source online (hopefully cheaper) for the felt. YES lets go for it !!!

    JO, I really do wish I had some more chickens, and I don't think I picked up a business card for that stand, must look through the ones I have. I'm going to be looking out for more antique spools.

  8. great Maureen, have a good weekend I'll email you to once the Easter frivolities are over.