Friday, 25 February 2011

Bag number Two

I have just completed bag number two which is going to be a present for my daughters Birthday. Here it is almost finished and ready to felt.  I did a contrasting deep green top and the bottom is the same colour. It's also a bit bigger than my first bag.

Sown up and felted :
This time I washed it on a 40 degrees cotton wash as it has more agitation and throws the bag around enough to felt it properly first time and it actually came out thicker than my first bag. Spin speed was set to 400.

Handles on and button and loop sown on. I haven't decided whether or not to line it with some pretty cotton purple dotty fabric which goes very well with the colour of the bag.

I needle felted the flower to go on the bag and put a brooch pin at the back so it can come off  if the bag needs washing, or perhaps be moved to another part of the bag or even left off is desired.

I am now starting on another one in lovely shades of rust, greens, and lilacs.  I intend making it larger and perhaps different handles, maybe thick felted ones which will be cheaper than the plaited ones.

 I am loving making the bags and think I will have to start selling them as I can't keep them all.


  1. Your work is amazing!!! I love the bags.

  2. Louise thank you so much for that lovely comment. I need to try and make up a different style now or it will become boring.
    M x

  3. I think selling them is a very good idea Maureen - they really are beautiful!
    P x

  4. Thanks Pam, I appreciate that comment coming from one who also makes lovely bags. I'm on my 3rd one now in lovely warm colours and hopefully much bigger than the first two.
    M x