Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ta Da ... The Finished Bag

Well here it is all finished and I have to say i am pleased with it and have already started another.
I may well line it later on with some cotton fabric to preserve the inside and also so I can have some pockets for my mobile and keys.  If I do decide to line it I will post a photo.
SO FROM THIS   :-------- TO .........

TO THIS :--------

I have my Orla Kiely bag at last!  our local Tesco has been made larger and is now an amazing Tesco Extra store and has just had a delivery of the fabulous bags YEAH !!!!! I love it


  1. Your felted bag is gorgeous! I was supposed to make one of these in my yarn and fiber group but I could never get the hang of knitting. I imagine I could crochet something to felt. Maybe I'll try that one of these days. Great work! Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Thank you Tammy, you could indeed crochet and felt a bag. I think you would have to crochet on a very large needle, but I'm not sure. Try googling 'How to crochet and felt' and see what comes up.
    M x

  3. Wow an amazing bag, very professional

  4. Louise thank you so much for your kind comment.
    I have to say I was surprised that I made one that I was happy with first time. I half expected to have to try a few times to get it right, thankfully it did as the wool isn't cheap.

  5. The bag is gorgeous and the plaited strap was obviously the way to go - along with the stunning button!
    P xx

  6. Thanks Pam, I loved making it and I'm doing a larger one now with a plain green top which is thicker wool so the top should be chunkier than the bag, if my plan goes well. M x