Sunday, 6 February 2011

More needle felted Flowers

I never thought I would like needle felting, it never appealed to me when I started wet felting which I love doing.  There is nothing like starting out with raw wool and wet felting it into a piece of felt that you have made yourself.  BUT now I have tried needle felting, I love it. It's quick, not at all messy (no soap or water involved) and I like that you can make it stand out or 3D it .

I have made a few more little flowers and a heart. They still aren't as good as I would like them to be, but for my first attempt I am pleased with them and now have to sew them onto some of my hand made felt. Or make them into little brooches.

The only drawback is the sharpness of the felting needle, it's quite a dangerous hobby. I have stabbed my finger a few times now and no matter how careful I've been it's still happened.  I may have to get some of those rubber thimbles from a stationers.  I only wish that the felting process didn't result in the felt being a bit fluffy. It doesn't felt as smooth as wet felting, but like I said it's quick and less messy.

These photo's were taken in the evening, so the light isn't very good.


  1. They are gorgeous Maureen! Exactly what I want to be able to make - will post some picture after the weekend when I've had a go. They would look wonderful anywhere but I'm going to add them as embellishments for more gift tags.
    Great colours too Maureen.
    P xx

  2. Hi Pam, thanks for the comment. I hope you manage to make some. I think they will be a bit bulky and heavy for gift tags though, unless you make them flatter and not so much wool. I have been using a sponge to felt them, but as you know the back then sticks to the sponge and you have to keep turning it over and doing the other side. I was told by the assistant in the craft shop that if you use the brush type pad (which is expensive, but maybe worth it) it doesn't stick to it so perhaps it doesn't go fluffy. I would like to try one before buying I think.
    Good luck with yours.
    M x

  3. Hi Maureen, nope don't fsll off your chair, I'm still alive and breathing ;)

    These flowers are fab, my daughter is a real dab hand at needle felting took to it like a duck to water late last year. I must show her your flowers I'm sure it will inspire her.

    Hope all is well with you and your hubby, those grand kids must be getting quite big now.

    Hope to catch up with you more soon,
    xx Kella.

  4. Hi Kella, too late ! I have fallen off my chair ha ha. It's so good to hear from you and I miss your veggie blog with all the creepy crawlies !!
    I'm glad your daughter has taken to needle felting, although I have to say it's a dangerous hobby, those needles really hurt and believe me I am so careful, goodness knows how I manage to stab myself.
    We are all very well thank you and I hope you are all well too.
    M xxxx

  5. Oh dear I do hope you didn't get a hard bump ;)

    You are so right about the needle felting tool being dangerous, before she started the hobby I tried to explain it's dangers and she even saw a video tutorial which went on in length about the need to be ubba careful but alas it was inevitable and she did stick herself, bad enough to bend her needle.

    I can assure you the tears did flow but she still enjoys the craft and has had her needle replaced along with new felting wool supplies, etc.

    She has been inspired to create a little blogshop, it is new as of this month and it is keeping her busy.