Friday, 4 February 2011

Orla Kiely and Needle felting

I have this passion for everything Orla Keily. I first came across her designs many years ago at the Kilkenny Design centre in Southern Ireland and again in the Design centre in Dublin. I loved her designs then and now they are (she even has shops)  everywhere even on the Tesco charity bag (sore subject as I didn't manage to get one !) anyway I now have four of her lovely bone china mugs and have to buy 2 more.  I also discovered her perfume and bought myself a small bottle. I love it and received a present of a boxed set with the perfume and a cosmetic bag and a small fabric bag that holds the perfume, which is to fiddly to use for that purpose so I'm using it to store my crochet hooks as it's a perfect size. Here's some photo's of the mugs and the perfume set.


I have been wet felting (self taught) for a little while now, but was curious to try needle felting after looking at some websites and I was fascinated on how the 3D technique worked. So today I bought some felting needles and went to 'Superdrug' and bought a couple of  bath sponges which were expensive from the craft shop and these cheap ones did the job. I made my first little 3D flowers. It was relatively easy but the needles are so sharp and the lady in the shop did warn me that it hurts when you stab your fingers, but I just thought Well ! I'm not going to be so stupid as to do that !!!  well I was !! and it hurt, so lesson learnt.
Here is my first attempt they aren't perfect but I am pleased with them and I can't wait to do some more.

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