Monday, 14 February 2011

Knit and Felt Bag - second stage

I have completed the body of my bag and felted it in the washing machine. As I have never done this before I wasn't sure what cycle to use, I knew I had to wash it at 40 degrees and use a low spin speed (I used the 400) so I popped it in the wash with a minuscule amount of liquid soap (for colours) and off it went. I had used the wool wash but that was because Fiona (who owns the wool shop) said not a cotton one as it would get thrown around too much. However I now think that the cotton wash at 40degrees would have been better, as I had to do the same wash 3 times over to get the bag to felt as I wanted it.

I am delighted with the end result and it it now drying slowly (don't tumble dry) with baked bean cans in a plastic bag (so the labels don't get soggy and fall off) this is to keep the bottom gusset shape whilst it dries.

The felt is lovely and thick and firm, but I think I will line it with a lovely fabric so that I can make some little handy pockets. And of course I have yet to decide on my fastening and Handles.  Maybe a beautiful BIG button, they have some fab ones in the wool shop, or other possibility is a felted bobble button.  It could have plaited leather short handles (they sell those for around £6) or a long crocheted and felted strap. So decisions yet to be made for the end completion. I will post photo's when I finish it completely.

My needle felted flower is a perfect match. I just pinned it on to see how it looks so that might not be the place it ends up in.   I am so happy with this method of felting and I know I'll be making more bags in the other fabulous colours the shop sell.  Because I didn't have a pattern I wrote down everything I did as I went along to keep for next time.


  1. Golly that has turned out fab, I'm really pleased for you and can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Thanks Kella
    I took it to show Fiona who owns the shop and she was delighted with it, especially since I didn't have a pattern and didn't even count my stitches to start with !!! I am now going to put on the handles and a big fab green button. Just have to knit and felt the tabs for the handles and the loop for the button. I am then on my way to make another one. I LOVE IT.
    I hope you and the family are well.
    M x

  3. It's so beautiful Maureen - and not surprised you're going to make more. Love the sound of the plaited straps!
    P x

  4. Thanks Pam, I have the handles on now and a gorgeous green button. I have taken some photo's and should have posted them by this evening.
    M x