Tuesday, 23 March 2010

An 'Arty Farty' week

I have been in a very 'Arty Farty' mood this week, so it's just as well that it's rained over the past few days and I couldn't get anything done on the lottie (although Ali thinks that's a poor excuse ! she's such a slavedriver ) anyway today I started making some more hearts and then realised that I had run out of wadding to fill them. So off to the shop where I buy the wadding and fabrics. Never a good idea ! as I always come home having spent more money and bought lots of things I didn't go for. Hmm ! I came back having spent £20 , on wadding, 2 x fat quarters ( American for large squares of quilting fabric, in case you weren't familier with the term ) embroidery threads, (they sell devine colours, I wanted them all ) ribbons, cotton, and the most amazing twisted skein of fab coloured textured threads that are hand dyed. It looks so delicious all twisted together that I can't bear the thought of un-twisting it and using it, I just want to look at it. (sad eh !) They had a basket full of the most amazing colourways. I will use it to adorn cards and hearts.

Here's the Hearts that started the shopping trip.

And here are my purchases, sorry the lighting is so bad, so the colours aren't true to life.

And here's the twist of textured threads.

see what I mean about the amazing colours

Then I made some envelopes out of magazine pages, they look so good especially the ones made from the Waitose magazine as it has lovely watercolours of fruit and veg on it.

Some more from the magazine I get from RHS every quarter, they make good ones too.

Sorry! poor lighting, I should have taken thes photo's in daylight.

My little Beech Hut cupboard I re-vamped from an old victorian bathroom cupboard is so handy and holds lots of ribbons and cottons, it's being very well used.

Well thats about it apart from my Crochet throw. I have one more granny square and then I can chrochet all around and picot the edge and it's finished. I want to give it to Florence as an Easter present. I have kept it as a surprise from my daughter-in-law, I hope she likes it, as although it's for the baby, she also has to live with it.,


  1. Wow you did have a busy week - what fantastic things you have made! I love love love the envelope idea - how fab they look and eco friendly too as you are recycling.

  2. I can see why you don't want to use the twisted threads, I would just sit and look at them all day too. I love the envelopes you make, that's such a clever idea, and they look so colourful. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished throw. I'm sure that Florence and her mummy will love it.

  3. Thank for the comments girls
    SCENTED SWEETPEAS, the envelopes weren't entirely my idea. I bought something in an Indian shop and they had all their small bags and carrier bags made entirely out of old Indian magazines and newspapers, how Eco is that ? and having always been reluctant to throw away the 'Waitrose' mag as it's pages are gorgeous, I thought why not envelopes ? ans so it's grown to other mags as well.
    Jo aren't the threads delicious colours ! they weren't cheap £3.50 each but I just want to collect all of the colourways at some point. I'm glad you also liked the envelopes, they are so easy to make I don't use a template so they all come in different sizes and shapes, so I just make cards to suit.
    Hopefully the throw will be all done by next week, so I will post a photo.

  4. I love those envelopes Maureen! I'm pleased you enjoyed the CL Spring Fair and csn't wait to see everything you bought.
    Pam x
    ps I bought that ric rac too!

  5. Hi PAM, welcome back ! you were missed.
    I love that ric rac and intend to buy more colours and some more of that yummy twisted threads in other colours too. I am becoming a hoarder (like I wasn't already !!)
    M x

  6. Hey ho have to say I am in love with the hand dyed twisted yarn mix, ooohhh! makes me think of some fabulous jewellery pieces to make with it, yum!

    I am also a big fan of magazine envelopes stumbled across the idea last year on another blog and have been using them whenever i can. Last year for my eldest B/day party invites they all went into magazine enveelopes and her little friends loved them. I also use magazine pages to cover the jiffy bag envelopes I use to post my customer's purchases, it just makes the package all the more pleasing to recieve, well at least I think so :)

    Its really nice to see your tiny beach house cubpoard is being put to good use in touyr work space.

  7. KELLA, your idea for the birthday party invites in the mag envelopes sounds great, how nice. and the idea of covering the jiffy bags is such a good idea as they are so boring. Do you have the link for the blog on the envelopes, I'd love to take a peek.

  8. Here is the link Maureen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYFHwMlTTBU