Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Mini Beach Hut

I have had a crafting day today. I have been re-vamping a very old Victorian bathroom cabinet that my son gave me years ago. He bought it from an antique market and it looked just fine in his old Victorian house. But then he moved and now lives in a very modern house, lots of glass and shiny surfaces so it just didn't go. It is (or was) roughly made and pine and I have had it on the floor in the summerhouse. I went up the garden to open the summerhouse door to give it an airing yesterday, and the little cupboard caught my eye for some reason and so I decided to bring it indoors and 'do it up'.

It had a bit of mold growing on it from the damp atmosphere, so I gave it a clean, painted an undercoat, oh I know it could be classed as a terrible thing to do to an antique ! then painted it with 'China White' eggshell. it looked boring and lacked character, so I added some artists acrylic in blue and painted stripes, and sponging. Then it still looked boring so I made a wee bunting to hang on the eaves. What do you think of it ?? I tried to make it look like an old beach hut, I feel that I have succeeded. It was to go back into the summerhouse, but I love it, so it may go in my study as I need extra storage space for ribbons and buttons and it has a very handy deep drawer inside.


  1. I love it, its very cute and I'm sure it will be put to good use.

    Reminds me of a lot of the stuff I did to found or unwanted items of furniture when I lived in the West Indies.

  2. It looks lovely, and yes, I would put it in the study where I could see it every day.

  3. Thanks Kella & Jo for the comments.
    I am going to put it in the study, as you said Jo I could get to see it every day, also it will be useful storage for ribbons and buttons.

    It would look good in the summerhouse as well as that's done out in a beach hut theme.