Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Country Living Fair

I went to the Fair on Saturday, it was in Islington, London at the Business and Design Centre. I could have spent all day in Islington. The markets there were fabulous especially if you like browsing around bric a brac, vintage clothes and china etc, it is an alladin's cave of finds.

Anyway back to my visit to 'Country Living'. I went with my son's girlfriend, Esme, we had a fabulous day and a few funny moments too, so a good day although very tiring, especially the tube train journey to and from my son's home in Marylebone. Going home after walking around for about 5 hours was a killer, we could hardly pick our feet up to climb the steps in the underground.

Tomorrow I will show you my few purchases, I wanted everything !! but had to budget wisely to include all the travel and lunch costs as well as the ticket price, but I am more than happy with looking, taking photo's meeting lovely people and just being there.

A Vintage shop in Islington, I must go back and visit.

The building was old with beautiful details

Lot's of people.

Beautiful Nick Nacks for the home.

Fabulous clothes and scarves

A Vintage stall, love the chair which was sold.

Laura Long's, knitted toy stand

LAURA LONG was exhibiting these knitted toys and the book was written by Laura with patterns of all the toys seen here and I expect more. All can be bought from her @

Chutneys and goodies from Provence

Below, Bags made from sourced Vintage Fabrics, so they are one off's.

can be bought from 'Cattapilla Designs'


More Vintage stands


  1. ooohh what eye candy there must have been there - I really must go one year. Thanks for the tour :-)

  2. It looks like a wonderful day out. I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought.

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  4. Thanks Scented Sweetpeas and Jo, I would really recommend a visit if you can one year. They also have a huge marquis at Hampton Court Flower show every year.

  5. Thanks for that Maureen - looks great. Cattapilla

  6. Golly I must try to visit too one year it looks ever so inviting, off to read up on what you bought.

  7. CATTAPILLA, glad you got to see the post, the bags are lovely.

    KELLA, you must go next year its a great day out.