Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I thought I would buy myself a little gift.

I thought I would show you what I treated myself to. A lovely little Linen bag with a matching card purse from Pam at 'Hortensia' It arrived soon after I had ordered it, beautifully packaged, all wrapped in lovely tissue paper. It's perfect for days when you only want a lightwieght bag, lovely summer days.

Beautifully made.

Beautifully finished off.

Lovely cotton contrasting lining.

A perfect match to this lovely cotton summer cardigan (below) I had bought a few weeks ago. So now I just need the Summer to arrive !



  1. Hortensia designs are really beautiful, I'm planning on getting one of her creations for my mum.

  2. Kella, Pam's work comes highly recommended by me. The bag is smaller than it looks
    8ins x 8ins but it's perfect as I prefer small bags (being short)

  3. It's gorgeous, and as you say, perfect for a summer day.

  4. Maureen my mum is a very good seamstress and is very particular about the finished article with a lot of detail in neatness of the seams, etc.

    And I can see that Pam's work is of a very high standard, which is why I believe my mum will like her work.

    I hope to get something the next time she list new items in her shop, they are snapped up so quickley.

  5. What a lovely post!
    Thankyou Maureen, they're fantastic photo's. I've got a cardigan that very shade too, so it's probably a good thing we're at opposite ends of the country. We can go out in peace this summer knowing we won't bump into each other in identical cardies and bags!
    P x

  6. Kella, your mum would really love a gift from Pam's shop then as the finish is superb.

  7. I am going to look at her www right now - they look lovely and beautifully made!
    However your hearts are FAB - I recognise the one on your header photo!! haha

    You are very "crafty" yourself!


  8. PAM, well don't you come down my end of the country in your cardi and with your bag haha, as I don't want to clash. It seems to be a favourite colour at the moment subconsciously I just seem to gravitate to it, probably brainwashing by magazines and the like.

    ALI Thanks for the lovely comment and I am delighted that you loved the hearts. I have to get going on lots more now. HELP ! I need more hours in the day. I have to get to the lottie today, and I so want to crochet as well.

  9. gorgeoud bag, I want one! Is it a blogger who makes them?