Monday, 22 March 2010

New Card Designs

I Just thought I would share some cards that I have made today. It was raining so I couldn't get to the allotment to plant the broad beans, so I made cards instead. All for sale if anyone is interested please e-mail me for prices.

The cards are small square size 5" x 5" good quality card with matching envelopes. All cards are blank for your own message, so suitable for any occasion, and come in a cellophane pocket.

The card above has an Indian wooden stamp flower border, and Indian paper flowers made from recycled cotton rags, with little jewels in the centres. I designed this one today for a friend who has moved house. (other colour flowers available)

'Easter Bunnies' I designed these for my grandchildren. They have quality mulberry paper, then little thin wooden rabbits on top, and a small sparkly heart above.

' Old Friends' I love these and have used this stamp for ages, so this one isn't really a new design, other than after stamping and water colouring I have added a three dimensional Crystal Lacquer to raise the jug and the poppies. These cards are smaller and measure 4" x 3" with hand made coloured envelopes. But the same design can be made on bigger cards.

Handmade envelopes made from quality paper.

And some old favourite cards that I continuously make as I love them. Such cute little mice.


  1. They're all lovely, but I do love those little mice cards, they're so cute.

  2. I would like a card price list please! And just to let you know that rain is a poor excuse for not getting to the allotment - I got soaked today!

  3. JO , thanks for your kind comment, the mice are very cute.

    ALI I will e-mail the prices. You are quite right you hard woman you !!! rain is no excuse and you put me to shame, do you fancy coming and digging mine for me ha ha. After Thursday when you've had your foot done you will be feet up and crocheting for weeks, make the most of it. M x

  4. Hi Maureen i am so behind with catching up on the blogs i follow but somehow blogger isn't highlighting when this blog is updated, its by reading your other one did i know this one was updated (just strange).

    Any hoo! love the cards and really loved the envelopes, the paper does look like very good quality.